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What’s been happening?

Along with the way people communicate and the changes in technology, the availability and range of landscaping materials have greatly progressed the use and purposes of our outdoor living spaces.

That perennial favourite decking has morphed into all manner of hardwood, recycled and composite alternatives, as well as the widely used softwood original.

Willowbrook Landscapes are MILLBOARD approved installers, enquiries and sales for decking have increased substantially over the last 2 years as discerning customers look for a product which is attractive, durable and requires little maintenance. The range of surface finishes continues to grow, check out our gallery to find some inspiration.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS has become far more sophisticated in appearance and choice and is improving all the time. Horticultural purists may frown, but for those who don’t have the time nor inclination (or perhaps find it difficult to cope through health reasons)- artificial lawn alternatives can offer a welcome relief from the drudgery of regular cutting, feeding, aerating and weeding, whilst, at the same time, providing a consistent, all year-round appearance.

We can even supply pet friendly grasses which are polyurethane, instead of the more traditional latex backed, for better durability. Completely safe and easy to maintain, we stock a complimentary range of associated products to ensure that your grass installation remains odour free and hygienic. 

Of course, you can employ a professional to manage your garden for you, but if that isn’t for you – this just might be the solution. We have a dedicated page offering four popular alternatives for general use plus options to cover a range of different situations.  Contact our knowledgeable team with your specific requirements to receive a no obligation quotation for supply and installation.

LASER CUT SCREENS AND PLANTERS are also becoming fashionable- ranging from finishes in Corten steel (the ‘rusty’look) to a wide range of powder coated colours. Computer aided software can create virtually any design, provided that the integral strength of the screen isn’t compromised. This stylish finish provides versatility and an alternative to traditional fencing or screening systems, with none of the rot, maintenance or warping associated with timber products.

The choice of posts or supports is increasing all the time, from pressure treated softwood and concrete, through to recycled plastic or metal slotted posts, with a range of colours and finishes.

TRADITONAL and natural materials are still very popular with natural stone and concrete products catering for a range of tastes and styles. Simple easy fix pointing materials make pointing quick, simple and consistent.

Despite the relative high cost, Porcelain is rising in popularity as a durable, consistent alternative-both as a paving and cladding finish- can be laid onto a ‘pedestal’-type support system, making flexible installation available to DIYers and professionals alike.

LIVING WALLS and ready-made hedging material cater for that instant finish- masking unsightly walls, providing barriers and screening- helping to creating a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Why not contact us to explain how these products can be combined to provide a life changing, exciting outdoor space which you can enjoy throughout year with a level of maintenance to suit you, your family and your lifestyle-whatever the weather!

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