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Wood Free Millboard® Decking 

Decking that lasts, no matter what. And you won’t have to lift a finger.

Low maintenance decking provided by Millboard®, fitted by Willowbrook’s team of approved installers.

It’s so much more than just a deck. It’s a place where memories are made. A place where families and friends get together, swap stories, enjoy a BBQ feast together. It’s somewhere you can escape the outside world and peacefully read your favourite book with a nice glass of your favourite tipple.

It’s something we can all relate to. The joys of having an outdoor space that provides you with your very own little slice of paradise.

The last thing you want is the weight of knowing you have a deck that at some point in the near future will require a lot of YOUR time and attention (something you don’t have) before you can enjoy it.

A deck that will stand the test of time and won’t take away from your precious moments.

Time is valuable, don’t spend it on unnecessary tasks.

Willowbrook teamed up with Millboard® to provide you with a simple way to get the deck of your dreams. Something that will last years, not months, and something that won’t be a nasty surprise the next time you want to enjoy your garden.

Millboard® decking, all the best features from a natural wood deck with none of the negatives:

Looks exceptionally like real wood, but won’t ever rot.
Hand-coloured in authentic tones.
The only maintenance required is a simple wipe clean.
Resistant to insects and larvae.
Hand-moulded from selected timbers.
Retains high slip-resistance even when wet.
Resistant to damp

Different styles of Millboard

Enhanced Grain

Smooth, finished grain, this collection is available in 5 distinct colours and will provide style and elegance to your outdoor living space and will retain its visual appeal and structural integrity year upon year.


For a stronger, more rustic character and style, these boards are available in 2 natural colours; achieve a natural timeless beauty. These boards are moulded from antique, original oak over 100 years old.


Adopting the style from the traditional Japanese art of burnt wood design, the Millboard carbonised range has perfectly replicated this concept. From the burnt charred look to the more heavily burnt emberred style, carbonised from Millboard will bring a deep, dark sophisticated dimension to your design.

Lasta Grip

Lasta Grip is the ultimate in slip resistance, it has integral textured strips moulded into the surface.
The Lastane® surface reduces footfall and furniture movement noise, making this a perfect choice for public places including commercial and leisure environments.


The tactile range is available in 7 distinct colours featuring Lastane® anti-slip ridges. This board is as easy to install as regular decking and is very suitable for changes in level, meeting DDA requirements.


Add the finishing touches to your project, both the step edge boards and fascia boards are supplied rigid as standard, you can specify a flexible style to form curves that will enhance your design. Fascias are available in all 7 of the Millboard colours.

Contact us today on 01332 898707 or use the contact form if you would like to discuss your decking project with our team of dedicated professionals and arrange a free consultation.

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