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Alternative Gardens

Low maintenance, small space, unique and innovative concepts; we offer a variety of options. Artificial turf and planting, to non-wood, fibre decking, and can integrate environmentally friendly garden materials into the design. If you’re subject to a demanding schedule, raising a family, or renting out a property with a garden or balcony and you may have little time to devote to your outdoor space; we can design, transform and deliver an inspirational creation.

Artificial turf is fast becoming a popular alternative to natural grass. Now in it’s third generation this product uses advanced, recycled materials and is easy to maintain, stands up to heavy use and requires no irrigation or trimming. The artificial turf is environmentally friendly, avoids the use of chemicals, reduces water usage dramatically and the synthetic material can be recycled.

In addition to synthetic turf there are options for artificial plants, flowers and trees. These are particularly useful in dry shaded areas where an alternative is required.

Alternative decking solutions include recycled plastics and composite materials. Surfaces like this are easy to clean, often have non-slip properties and are durable in an exposed environment.

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Garden Design & Advice

Is the grass greener on your neighbour’s side of the fence?

Hard & Soft Landscaping

Paving, stone work, walls, fencing, planting, mulching, clearance and turfing.

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