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Commercial Roof Garden

Commercial Client’s Roof Garden

Upgrading a well-known client’s roof garden space

Due to the location and associated load bearing considerations, Willowbrook used lightweight bulk materials, with moisture retaining qualities for the planting medium.

The recycled plastic planters contained a liner with drainage holes in the base. The bottom third of the containers were filled with a terracotta 8-16mm. LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) an inert, bulky material with moisture retaining qualities.

A landscape membrane was installed over this to separate the LECA from the compost above. The lightweight planting medium was a blend of sandy loam, coir, PAS100 Green compost and LECA. All the planting was 10-30 L. pot grown for instant effect.

  • The loam itself complies with BS 3882(2015) and is screened to 10mm.
  • The Coir is ground coconut husk from Sri Lanka (Peat substitute).
  • PAS100 Green compost (Publicly Available Specification) – industry standard for organic material, screened to 10mm, adding nutrients to the mix.
  • LECA 4-10mm. is incorporated into the compost to reduce bulk density and enhance drainage characteristics.
  • A mulch layer of terracotta LECA completed the project, providing an ornamental finish with moisture retaining properties.
  • An irrigation system ensures that the planting receives adequate moisture throughout.

The gallery below shows the planters and a section of the completed commercial roof garden space

Photo Gallery

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