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Mapperley Village Domestic Garden – Upgrade

Renewal of Outdoor Living Space


A new client approached us to implement a series of aesthetic upgrades to their existing outdoor plot. Much of the property already featured a low level brick wall that was discovered to be structurally sound. It was decided that the wall could be clad with specialised travertine paving to complement the proposed new patio.

The front boundary wall had endured some degradation, progressing to a state that required a rebuild using suitable drystone.

The existing paving was removed and replaced entirely with traverstine slabs. The internal (retaining) garden wall was also clad with the same traverstine paving. As per the request of the client, the old turf lawn was dug out and replaced with a permanent artificial turf along the existing lawn boundaries.


Key Materials


  • Travertine Paving
  • Artificial Turf
  • Natural Wall Stone

Project duration – 5 weeks


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