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Resin Bound Aggregate

14th Century Barn Conversion

Set in a rural part of the Midlands, this property features a classical garden landscape, with retaining stone and brick walls. The main building is constructed around an old barn dating back from the 14th century.

The property owner wanted a replacement driveway and seating area using a small-sized resin bound aggregate. The previous driveway surface was composed of light coloured loose chippings. Over time such surfaces become prone to light furrowing, requiring semi-regular raking to maintain an even distribution of the stones.

The surface area for the project was considerable, requiring a multi-phase installation with the progressive completion of defined sections.

Advantages of An Aggregate Driveway

  • The new surface resulted in an aesthetic upgrade to complement the existing property and adjoining landscape.
  • A resin bound aggregate surface is strong and will prevent flying stones when driven over, unlike loose chippings and gravel.
  • Water drains away quickly and even enhances the look of the surface.
  • The driveway is much smoother, whilst retaining good traction characteristics, allowing for safe movement in harsh weather.
  • The longevity of the surface will ensure that the owners can appreciate it like new even after 20 years.

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